As an educator, I believe in providing design students with broad historical and theoretical backgrounds, in addition to the practical graphic design skills realized through a multitude of techniques and media. My aim is to help students gain comprehensive design training that will enable them to reach high quality of craftsmanship and artistic expression while communicating ideas with social and environmental awareness. My classes provide incentives for students to take ownership of their creative skills, become effective visual communicators, and demonstrate innovative, responsible, and intelligent interactions with the world.

Organized student exhibitions

Campus COVID-19 Safety Campaign, October 16- December 11, 2020 at Dowd Gallery, SUNY Cortland: https://www2.cortland.edu/departments/art/dowd-gallery/exhibit-details.dot?exhibitid=7ad369e2-b014-4670-a1d5-9e410727534e


  • ATH 320 - History & Theory of Digital Arts 

  • ATH 331 - History of Graphic Design

  • ATS 329 - Information Graphics

  • ATS 341 - Digital Illustration

  • ATS 342 - Visual Design for the Web

  • ATS 240 - Graphic Design I

  • ATS 340 - Graphic Design II

  • ATS 202 - Design II

  • ATS 451 - Advanced Studio 

  • LARC 293 - Adobe Creative Suite 

  • ID 155 - Interior Design Graphics I, Co-instructor with Prof. Ronald Dulaney

  • ARTS1313 - Two-Dimensional Design

Students' Work

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